Directed by Denis Villenueve, the Blade Runner 2049 is set to sail on October 6, 2017, in 2D, 3D, and in IMAX. This is a neo-noir science fiction film written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green. It stars Ryan Gosling which is the new blade runner and an LAPD Officer, with the former blade runner Rick Deckard along with Ana de Armas, Mackenzie Davis, Sylvia Hoeks, Lennie James, Carla Juri, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, and Jared Leto for the supporting roles.

The premise of the movie starts when LAPD Officer K, the new blade runner, played by Ryan Gosling gets a hold of a dark secret which when used could bring the end to all of humanity. With this discovery, it will lead him to Rick Deckard, the blade runner who has disappeared 30 years ago. However, this explanation from the director only left the media and audience with more questions. And we are hoping that with the movie we will be able to discover where Deckard was all those years, what happened to the replicants, and why is the society in such turmoil. We surely couldn’t wait for the movie date to come so that our questions would be answered.

Unfortunately, only one cast from the first movie has been retained and re-casted and it is the old blade runner Rick Deckard. Besides, people still need to know if he is a replicant or not. But replicants only live for 4 years, so what kind of replicant could he be? Is there another type? Well, we’ll never know the answers to these questions unless we watch it.

October is just a few months away and until then the questions lingering in our minds will have to wait until then. We can make conspiracy theories but eventually, the truth will come out.