If you try asking people which one would they prefer between a paid or free one, they would usually answer the latter because it’s hard to get something for free nowadays and it’s hard to purchase some items since their income is nowhere getting higher, but the prices of products are increasing. If you are more curious about xmovies8 then you can learn more about it on xmovies8official.

In terms of multimedia files like movies and music, people would say that they should be paid because it is a compensation for the artist and directors who made it possible to create a show that you will enjoy. That is why there is still a debate whether a TV series uploaded online should have a price or not.

TV Series For A Price

  • Pay Per View Is Available – aside from the usual TV episode airing on your screens, there are special episodes where you need to pay every time you view it. With this feature, directors and artists can come back with the profit necessary fitting for what they produced.
  • Free For Public – just like in let me watch this, all the videos uploaded on their website are free for everyone to access. The website owners are letting them to watch for free because it is considered as a common good and now one among them own it, therefore they are also not allowed to distribute it without the consent of the owner.
  • Views Counted as Profit – whenever an online episode is viewed, the number of times is being tallied so that it can be used as a measure to know whether the series is successful and if it becomes popular, it will be able to gather profit in different ways such as merchandise, official DVD copies, and even premiere shows. In this way, even though the episode watched is not paid, there is still compensation for the actors and directors.